This is the first official album I recorded.  I hope you enjoy listening to this early work.  Featuring Ben Martin on Guitar and Mark McKay Moran on Dobro and Mandolin.


 "Me and Bobby McGee" by Chris Christopherson, LIVE Tahoe Donner Summer Concert                                                                                   2015 Angele and The Wildwood Band

Jul 27, 2018

Guitarfish Music Festival

Guitarfish Festival

I will be performing on the Starfish stage this year.  It is a rocking festival with a save the ocean theme.  Hope to see you there.

Sep 08, 2018

Art Hikes

Trails and Vistas Art Hikes

An artistic cornucopia that you will never forget.  The Art Hikes take place outdoors and are a family friendly event for all ages.  I can't implore you enough to attend .  It is an event you will cherish the memories of forever. 

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    "We love your singing, we loved your passion, we love your personality, we loved your hugs, we loved your spirit, we loved your inner and outer beauty.  What a great time we had with your entertainment.  It was fantastic!  You were our total topic of conversation until bedtime! Thank you for your performance."
 - Buzz and Eleanor Ford
"When I hear you sing I fall in love with you all over again." - Ryan Carroll (Husband)

Angeles' earliest memories are of her childhood in Maine.  She would sing and put on shows for her Grandmas neighbors Jackie and Bea.  Her Father would sing in the car driving around the back roads of Maine.  Her Mother sang her lilting lullabyes every night.  She received encouragement to sing from everyone in her life.  Carmen and Rons' home had a hearth which was a perfect stage for Angele to put on shows and sing them Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline.  Her first Chorus performance was in 4th grade.  Her Grandmother Cooper sent her to Choir camp which had intensive training and exposed Angele to the beauty of singing Gospel Music.  She never dreamed of being famous or rich, Angele only ever dreamt of sharing her music with the world.  She has a strong belief in the power of music to heal.  She had private voice lessons from Karen Wagner in East Haven Connecticut and her beloved chorus teacher Ms. Susan Slater Clark.  Angele was a member of the Select Chorus in High School, and went on to be selected for the Regionals Chorus in Connecticut.  She continued to further her music education during her time in the Virgin Islands with Sally Smith.  She sat in with bands: Nectar, and Steve Simons Jazz Band.  Angele was fortunate to jam with musicians like T-Bird, Ike, Jeal Breckenridge, and Johnny B. Goode.  All of these incredibly talented artists imparted a great deal of wisdom and encouragement.  After spending some time in Maine learning guitar and singing at countless Open Mics Angele finally settled in Truckee CA.  There she met her long time friends of 9 years Ben Martin and Crystal.  Ben invited Angele to the Open Mic where several incredibly talented musicians were hanging out.  Fast forward several years through countless gigs, and fundraisers.  Angele is now married to a supportive Husband and has a beautiful daughter.  Angele taught at Tahoe Truckee School of Music for 6 years and also took the position as Fundraising Director.  The opportunity to sing the National Anthem with talented singer Andy Vargas at Kings Beach 4th of July celebration was a highlight.  She has sat in with bands like The Banana Slugs, Dead Winter Carpenters, and Coburn Station.  She spent time as a music teacher at SELS another fantastic Truckee School.  Her mission is to bring joy, and healing with her music to her listeners.  To connect people to the Earth.  To help the world be a better place everyday.  Her dedication is to play music that is honest and not marred with ego or selfish intentions.  The only selfish intention Angele allows when she plays is that she plays because she loves it and couldn't live any other way.  I hope you enjoy her singing and recognize her tireless effort to further music education in her community and sing only what is in her heart.



Phone: (530) 386-2897


Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


Photo By: Polina Vayner

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